About Us

For those of you who know us as Tribe & Travel, we're rebranding to iShop.cool, a place where you can find products that you'll love on the go or at home. Our commitment still rings true - we're dedicated to finding you the best products locally or internationally. 

Our store is filled with products that we use ourselves to make daily tasks more fun and convenient. And we hope that you find our contributions shareable with your friends and family. More so, we hope you let our products enhance your own stories. We appreciate the fact that you decided to visit us, and that you’re even reading this to learn more about us. And for that alone, we look forward to providing you with memorable products that you won't forget. Thank you again for all your support and for watching us grow into a new and exciting takeover brand - iShop.cool.

For questions about our product selections, drop us a line at info@ishop.cool. 
We'd love to hear from you.